May 26, 2015 admin

Our New Website

Christina Hair and beauty Center in Rancho Bernardo, CA has a new website. The purpose is to give clients, both current and future, the ability to see the full range of services offered. The site also highlights the expertise and artistry of founder Christina Huang who specializes in expert permanent makeup. The location is open Monday through Sat and Sunday by special appointment.

Since 1985 Christina Hair & Beauty Center owner Christina Huang has been sharing her extensive knowledge about cosmetology with local residents. Christina has over 30 years experience in the art of Permanent makeup. A true artist you can trust. A free consultation by appointment, save lots of valuable time. Thousands of ladies enjoy looking more beautiful all day. Maybe you have considered doing this for a long time. Why not find out what you are missing, then decide if it is for you. You have nothing to loose just a little time for a free consultation. Due to high demand please only make an appointment if you are serious. There is no pressure on you but our time is valuable. I enjoy this art form and look forward to meeting ladies that want to improve themselves.

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